Milwaukee’s Coolest Offices 2018


Our office… Our Design!

What’s better than to start your day in a calming “Urban Chapel”. Residing in the Menomonee Valley and bordering the Near West Side neighborhood, 120 architects and engineers – and all who join us here – contribute to the renewal of critical urban neighborhoods crucial to the continued revitalization of the region.

The Zimmerman culture fed the overall workplace design approach at its inception and the Zimmerman workspace itself continues to contribute significantly to maintaining that culture.  Talent that fits is attracted by the office space and its design contributes to maintaining the very unique soul of the organization.  Serious space co-mingles with playful space – such as the basketball hoop in the Gallery – both important to the Zimmerman culture.

The Milwaukee Business Journal has recognized us as one of Milwaukee’s Top 10 Coolest Offices!
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Zimmerman Travels!


Iceland…the purest natural inspiration.

A few fellow friends here at the office decided to travel the world at college kid prices. Iceland get ready… We headed off to a land of visual opposition and juxtaposition at every turn. Seeing volcanoes one minute to crossing glaciers several football fields wide the next was commonplace. From the face-melting temperatures of Geysir to the wind-scraped barren wastelands in between, you would find us journeying to majestic, belittling waterfalls which mock man’s architectural and engineering accomplishments. Another day, you would find us free-diving the gap between the North American and European tectonic plates at Thingvellir in 36-degree Fahrenheit icy waters where few animals thrive. The world is an incredible place; why not travel to see it?

As designers, we have the ultimate template of design we call Earth from which to draw inspiration (biomimicry). I am happy to be part of such a fun group of people who share common interests and values.

Pettit National Ice Center Turns 25

The Pettit National Ice Center, designed by Zimmerman’s stadium and arena team, also known as Venture Architects, recently turned 25 and is preparing to host the US Olympic Speedskating Trials.

The unique building is one of two of its kind in the US.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published this excellent article that we are happy to share.