Principal | Vice President | Senior Project Manager

Architect / Project Manager: Since 1995

Education: Bachelor of Architecture 1995 | University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Registration: Architect – Wisconsin

Mr. Blume has nearly 15 years of experience specializing in the plan, design and construction of municipal buildings. His leadership and coordination has yielded an excellent track record delivering projects on time and on budget. A certified Construction Documentation Technologist, Blume is highly experienced in a variety of documentation platforms including AutoCAD Architecture and Autodesk Revit. As Manager, he leads a team of architects, engineers and technicians responsible for design delivery while coordinating and directing the programming, design, interiors, engineering, and field specialists towards the efficient completion of a project.

What do you enjoy most about being an architect?

“I enjoy being a part of making the tangible. This process could be very complicated and  I embrace the problem solving and teamwork that is required to give the client a successful building.”