Vice President | Senior Design Architect

Architect: Since 1983

Education: M. Architecture 1979  |  Harvard Graduate School of Design
B.A. 1975 | Valparaiso University

Registration: 1983 Architect

Whether designing a building or a complex of buildings, master planning a campus, or re-imagining an office park, Dave has been keenly interested in how every aspect contributes to the beauty, vitality and richness of the whole. He has applied his planning and design philosophies for a broad range of clients, including universities, schools, corporations, developers, community libraries and municipal governments. For all projects, he strives to create beautiful and inviting spaces—not just objects—that encourage people to linger, interact, work, and learn.

Who inspires you? To what do you aspire?

“Elbert Peets designed and wrote beautifully in the early 20th century about urban design and town planning. Beauty, history, engineering, function, cost, human experience, solar orientation, nature and more were all integrated in his writing and designs. He, with others, designed places that remain highly desirable today, including the village of Kohler, the Washington Highlands in Wauwatosa, and the New Deal village of Greendale, my home town.  The Congress for the New Urbanism, of which I am an accredited professional, provides additional inspiration and resources.

I aspire to a similar integration of qualities, no matter the scale of the project. In my ideal world, every project would contribute to genuine places, to campuses and communities as integrated, rich, varied and humane as the best precedents from the past.”