+1 414 918 1463 | john.klett@zastudios.com


Vice President  |  Senior Design Architect

Architect: Since 1982
Designer: Since 1978

B.S. Architecture 1973 | M. Architecture 1978
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee


Over the course of his 35+ year design career at Zimmerman, Klett has proven to be among the firm’s most versatile designers. He is a multi-award winning design architect with projects recognized locally and nationally. Klett has provided award winning solutions for multi-family housing, municipal facilities, educational buildings, faith based community centers, recreation centers, corporate offices and public attraction projects. Though recognized for his efficient and beautifully crafted hand renderings, Klett has remained current with the digital design environment, and routinely mixes media to reveal and articulate the vision of his clients for their projects.

What is Zimmerman’s approach to a design process?

At Zimmerman we have a highly integrated and collaborative team approach with a diverse range of clients that create solid quality design.  From concept to completion, we seek to understand and articulate our client’s vision starting with their mission and goals.  These items become the basis for which the process follows.  New and established clients can expect to participate in an informational gathering session(s) to help further define the goals and user requirements to establish a written program.  Information gathering tools may include a participatory “word game” or “visual listening exercise”.  These tools are used to establish a client’s likes and dislikes and determine how a client will describe the building after completion.  The visual listening exercise helps garner the client’s temperament for possibly a contemporary vs traditional building solution.  Similar to taking an eye test that brings into focus the best pair of lenses the architectural eye test brings ones vision of their building into focus thru a series of examples that help guide the process.

After establishing the goals, mission, spatial requirements program, analyzing the site, code and budget constraints, various alternatives are tested.  A layering of empirical data including solid design principles and patterns are combined to achieve a lasting timeless solution. Usually by this time the plans are solidified and a character study is provided so our clients know what their building is going to look like.