Vice President  |  Director of Space Planning

Space Planner / Interior Designer: Since 1983

Education: B.S. Interior Design 1980 | University of Wisconsin-Madison

Registration: 1991 Interior Designer


Ms. Schultz has more than 30 years of experience dedicated exclusively to programming and space planning.  She manages interior projects from conception through occupancy and performs specialized services such as: functional space programming, adjacency diagrams, stacking diagrams, and square footage space standards. She develops furniture and materials standards specification documents and bid packages.

Ms. Schultz has worked closely with national and local real estate brokers and developers.  She has managed more than 200 projects totaling in excess of 5 million square feet during the course of her career.

What is your design philosophy?

“Every client is unique and presents special opportunities. While we are aware of and can appreciate current trends it is not appropriate to impose them for our own indulgence. A square peg should not be forced into a round hole. The design solution must be tailored to the specific objectives of the client. It should provide an effective environment to attract and retain talented people, and empower them to perform at a high level.”