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Advocate Aurora Health – Kenosha Medical Center – PACU

The need for operating room space at Aurora Kenosha Medical Center was at a premium.  Zimmerman analyzed current and projected patient volumes, and then developed space solutions to meet Aurora’s needs.

Zimmerman collaborated with Aurora staff to gather and analyze data which identified that there wasn’t a need for additional OR spaces, but, rather existing layouts of OR support spaces were resulting in process inefficiencies. While the operating rooms had potential for increased capacity and utilization, bottlenecks created by undersized prep and recovery areas limited the departments throughput.  By most standards, there were not enough prep and recovery bays to support all of the operating rooms.

Additionally, some of the bays were being used by the emergency department or as observation rooms which intensified the problem. The study concluded relocation of the adjacent GI suite would allow room for expansion of prep and recovery areas, provide the needed rooms, improve the flow of patient’s families and staff, and create private rooms instead of bays.  The changes also enhance and improve patient privacy.

Future flexibility is enhanced through a plan to move a Cysto table out of the Surgery Suite to allow for an additional Operating Room as volumes increase.

Aurora later engaged Zimmerman to complete full design services for the surgery center prep and recovery areas.  The new 27 bed two-phase inpatient and outpatient surgical recovery suite remodel provides private rooms. The new facility replaced a 17-bay open-plan communal post-op room.

Location: Kenosha, Wisconsin

Size: 10,000 s.f.

Services Provided: Architectural Planning and Design, Interior Design

Completion Date(s): 2016

Contractor / Construction Manager: Boldt Construction