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Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Master Plan

Zimmerman, as a trusted advisor to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin for over 20 years, has completed a wide variety of planning and design assignments.  The conclusion of our most recent master plan effort was to reorganize program and services lines provided by the institution within its existing physical footprint.  The plan identifies strategic planning efforts, specific tasks, potential projects (while considering their impacts throughout the Children’s System), outlines scopes of these assignments, identifies areas where consultant “expertise” would be advisable (i.e. NICU assignment) and considers potential associated backfill project options.  Zimmerman also developed and hosted a project specific website to share information online with active master planning participants.

Location: Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

Size: 400,000 s.f. +

Services Provided: Architectural Planning and Design, Structural, Mechanical, and Plumbing Engineering, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture

Completion Date(s): 2011

Construction Manager & Cost Estimation: Boldt Construction

Curt Baer, AIA, ASHE

Curt Baer, AIA, ASHE

Vice President | Healthcare Facilities Studio Director

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Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson

Project Manager

Johnson, Eric_ZAStudios