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University of Wisconsin – Fluno Center for Executive Education

In conjunction with the nationally prominent University of Wisconsin-School of Business, the University wanted to create a multi-use executive level residence and conference/banquet center for professionals continuing their education in the field of business.  The facility includes a five star restaurant, fitness facility, bar/beverage and recreation area, conference rooms, breakout rooms, group study rooms, technology ready classroom and training spaces, and distance education areas for teleconferencing as well as a below grade 290 stall parking ramp.

In 2004 and again 2005 the Fluno Center ranked #1 in the world for food and accommodations in custom programs by the Financial Times.

Location: Madison, Wisconsin

Size: 119,669 s.f.

Services Provided: Architectural Planning and Design, Structural, Mechanical, and Plumbing Engineering, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture

Completion Date(s): 1999

Contractor / Construction Manager: JH Findorff Construction