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Paul J. Olson Elementary 

The Paul J. Olson Elementary school provides an environmentally friendly neighborhood school for the Linden Park neighborhood in Madison’s rapidly growing west side. The LEED Silver Certified school incorporates numerous sustainable features, from its site planning, daylighting and energy use down to the smallest details. These include roof overhangs, a geothermal heating and cooling system, solar panels, and locally sourced building materials. Throughout the construction process, 72% of waste was eliminated from going to a landfill by being recycled into manufacturing processes. The photovoltaic system generates 3% of the school’s energy use to yield a total annual energy savings of $2,286. By being 24.7% more efficient than a conventional school, the building provides  annual energy savings of nearly $22,000. The building’s low-flow plumbing decreases water usage by 48%. This elementary school truly provides a healthy learning and living environment for adults and young students alike.

Location: Madison, Wisconsin

Size: 88,000 s.f.

Services Provided: Architectural Planning and Design, Structural, Mechanical, and Plumbing Engineering, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture

Completion Date(s): 2008

Contractor/Construction Manager: Miron Construction

Doug Barnes, AIA

Doug Barnes, AIA

Vice President | Education & Religious Facilities Studio Director

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