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St. Joseph’s Hospital Surgery Center

The 17,000-square-foot West Bend Surgery Center includes three operating rooms along with two procedure suites for ear/nose/throat, gastrointestinal, general, gynecologic, orthopedic, plastic, and podiatry procedures.

The architectural design is an extension of the existing St. Joseph’s hospital campus aesthetic, which is inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie style of architecture.  The exterior echoes its strong horizontal lines and deep, sheltering eaves.

Patients can arrive through connections to the existing hospital (inpatient), or, for outpatient procedures, the building also features a dedicated entry on the campus’ Southeast corner.  Upon arrival, out-patients and their family members are greeted with a covered drop off area that leads into a bright and airy lobby / registration area, which features floor to ceiling glass in the lobby space and provides views to the surrounding campus and rural prairie and landscape that surrounds the hospital’s campus.  A coffee service area and a variety of seating options comfortably accommodates patients and families while they complete their registration process.

After the patient is registered, they proceed to one of the center’s 17 prep and recovery rooms.  The rooms ring a core of support spaces that includes a dedicated anesthesia room, clean supply room, medication room, and a soiled holding room.  Nurse stations are located at either end of the prep and recovery suite.   The corridor separating the outboard prep and recovery rooms and central core spaces penetrates the roof structure with a clerestory volume and allows controlled saturation of reflected daylight to brighten the entire space.  More than half of the prep and recovery rooms are located along an exterior wall and feature privacy windows to allow even more daylight into the spaces.

The center also features dedicated staff locker-rooms and a staff lounge.  Interior design and furniture is governed by Frodtert’s color and materials standards – which were also developed by Zimmerman’s interior design staff.

The centers’ surgical and procedure suites are supported by spaces which include an equipment alcove, sterile storage, clean work room, decontamination room and scope processing room.

Location: West Bend, Wisconsin

Size: 17,000 s.f.

Services Provided: Architectural Planning and Design, Structural, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture

Completion Date(s): 2019

Contractor / Construction Manager: CG Schmidt