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University of Wisconsin – Mechanical Engineering

This renovation and major addition provides technologically advanced and flexible research and teaching laboratories, lecture halls and teaching spaces for the University of Wisconsin’s Mechanical Engineering program. The addition respects the strong exterior architectural character of the existing landmark building while providing a much more flexible interior infrastructure.

The 1931 neo-classical Mechanical Engineering Building surrounded an earlier, utilitarian one-story machine shop complex. The current project replaced those shops with a six-level structure and completely renovated the existing three-story building. In both new and renovated areas, Zimmerman adopted a modular approach and provided a robust technology and utility backbone to flexibly accommodate present and future needs. The layout also encourages interaction among the wide range of disciplines within the Mechanical Engineering department, from materials engineering and nanotechnology, to more traditional mechanical engineering, to business-school-like industrial engineering programs.

The new structure’s exterior provides a handsome south entrance from a back alley that has been transformed into a beautiful open space linking several engineering buildings.

Location: Madison, Wisconsin

Size: 295,000 s.f.

Services Provided: Architectural Planning and Design, Structural, Mechanical, and Plumbing Engineering, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture

Completion Date(s): 2007

Contractor / Construction Manager: Miron Construction