Zimmerman’s Milwaukee Public Museum Conceptual Design | Museum in the Park

Zimmerman’s Milwaukee Public Museum Conceptual Design | Museum in the Park

Museum architecture is the social product of a city & society. It is related to the history of a city & should fit into the existing urban fabrics. Museum architecture expresses a level of “monumentality” as part of its public function or social mission. This “monumental value” can be achieved through its symbolic expression of a communal building, a social gathering place, an educational resource, or a research center. Its architectural form serves as its own architectural characters.

Pettit National Ice Center Turns 25

The Pettit National Ice Center, designed by Zimmerman's stadium and arena team, also known as Venture Architects, recently turned 25 and is preparing to host the US Olympic Speedskating Trials. The unique building is one of two of its kind in the US. The Milwaukee...

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Together We Help Shape the Work of Tomorrow

For the past 2 years, Zimmerman Architectural Studios, Inc. has been involved with the Wisconsin Art Education Association in The Visioneer Design Challenge, a unique, one-of-a kind, statewide learning program and competition for middle school and high school students interested in design arts and connecting with professional designers.

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Healthtech MKE Launch Event

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Milwaukee, WI)  As part of 'Startup Week - Milwaukee' ( https://wistartupweek.org/milwaukee ) Zimmerman will be hosting the 'Healthtech MKE' event at our City Lights Headquarters on November 7 from 5-7 p.m. For additional...

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A. O. Smith Breaks Ground

This Research + Development Center at Park Place shares the magnitude of their water technology revolution happening inside with the world outside. And what a revolution it is. Inside, the laboratory space gurgles and flows with process knowledge that empowers this...

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